We Are Green




Environmental and Eco Attitude – We Are Green!

Terra Nua Building Contractors have been operating since 2006 and in that time we have built up considerable experience in new builds, extensions and renovations of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We have done this with a consideration for the environment in which we operate and we encourage our clients to engage where possible and consider environmentally friendly alternatives where budget and time allow.

We provide a wide range of services for our clients including design & build; project management; turnkey construction; and project cost engineering, all of which will have the “eco” vein running through, not necessarily as a hallmark but very much pulsing and present in contract negotiations and presentations.

As with all organisations, we recognise that our activities do involve negative environmental impacts. It is our aim to minimise these by;

  • Complying with environmental law
  • Measuring and monitoring our environmental performance
  • Actively seeking to continuously improve our performance
  • Minimising the risk of pollution from our operations
  • Encouraging our suppliers, customers and stakeholders to do likewise

This is reflected in our commitment to €coMerit Environmental Certification.

€coMerit Award

Our most significant direct environmental impacts arise from the electricity and vehicle & plant fuel we consume. In order to minimise this, we take steps to ensure that machinery and equipment is only operating when required, and that our own premises are energy-efficient. We encourage our clients to look at through-life costs rather than just first cost, and hence to choose energy-efficient options for their build projects.

We routinely monitor our electricity, heating oil and mains water usage. We operate a segregation system at our premises and at our clients’ sites to ensure our waste is recycled wherever possible and landfill waste is minimised.

In all our activities, we aim to be an environmentally responsible member of the community we serve. To this end, we are proud to say that Terra Nua building Contractors have been awarded the €coMerit Environmental Certificate